Jordan – Import Requirements

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Jordan – Import Requirements

Hi – Apologies for the anonymous post. I’m being cautious about revealing too much company info at this time.

I’m faced with a study which will operate in Jordan and I have no experience in this country! I’m hoping to gain some guidance via this discussion board.

For context, our IMP consists of our own drug plus marketed comparator drug which we have designated as IMP. Top of my head questions are below. I’m sure there are additional questions/items which I haven’t thought of yet!

1) My depot partner has advised to import to Jordan from our European based depot (either EU or UK). We’re also planning to launch the study in Egypt. In your experience, is a regional depot an option for these two countries?
2) My depot partner has advised for Jordan that the import consignee must be a registered pharmaceutical company. Are clinical sites in Jordan typically registered pharmaceutical companies? Or, would we need to engage another party and add a node to our distribution channel to meet this requirement? We do not have a local office in Jordan.
3) I’m having no luck finding clinical trial/IMP management regulations for Jordan. Do you know a resource?
4) I already have a list of IMP documentation requirements for Jordan. Are there any special requirements or restrictions for import of a commercially marketed product (EU Source) which is designated as IMP?

Thank you, kindly for any guidance you can provide!

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