Mission statement

Global Clinical Supplies Group’s (GCSG) Cell & Gene Therapy e-Team is dedicated to serving our industry as a leading resource for providing education, operational guidance, and building expertise to enable the successful delivery of cell and gene therapy products to patients through interactive engagement, knowledge sharing, and collective external influencing within the supply chain community.

Background / purpose

As an industry, we are still in the infancy of the development and commercialization of cell and gene therapy products. While there are increasing numbers of these products in the clinical trials pipeline and many associated challenges, there is also a unique opportunity to shape the pathway in which the development and supply of these critical therapies are managed. Innovative and robust supply chain solutions serve as a vital safeguard for product integrity.

GCSG’s Cell and Gene Therapy (CGT) e-Team is committed to creating, influencing, and promoting industry best practices and providing navigational guidance for clinical supply professionals within the realm of cell and gene therapy. We strive to assist in the secure and safe delivery of cell and gene therapy investigational products to patients.

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