Mission statement

Global Clinical Supplies Group (GCSG) is a diverse, professional organization that provides a platform to share knowledge, collaborate and enhance best practices for clinical supply and related professionals. We fulfill this mission by conducting global events that reflect our friendly, patient-centric culture and by providing educational resources and professional development.

Our vision

GCSG will be a globally recognized and respected organization, whose members contribute to improving patient quality of life and inspire each other to fearlessly influence the advancement of the biopharmaceutical industry clinical supply chain.

We fulfill our mission within a culture of friendly collaboration by:

Convening annual conferences

Hosting an interactive and resourceful website

Providing an opportunity and means to network

Offering professional and personal development programs

About GCSG

GCSG, known as Midwest Clinical Supplies Group (MCSG) until 2011, held its first conference in 1988 with 20 attendees representing 10 companies.

In 2009, MCSG incorporated and moved from being sponsored and planned by a single company to being planned by a committee consisting of representatives from multiple companies. That same year, 55 companies were represented by 160+ participants.

The GCSG conference has turned out to be one of the best forums to share, exchange and learn new information about clinical supplies, while benchmarking how the rest of the industry manages their clinical supply chain challenges.

Meet our team

Our values

A big commitment to knowledge and the industry

Continuous Learning

Engaged, Positive & Fun Environment

Professionalism, Integrity & Candor

Ethical Conduct & Transparency

Altruism in Service to our Profession

Courage & Risk-Taking

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