Vendor Showcase – Leveraging 4C Supply® for Improved Drug Supply Forecasting – Hosted by 4G Clinical

25 April 2023
Available Seats:

In the pharmaceutical industry, efficient and accurate supply forecasting is crucial for ensuring timely and cost-effective production and distribution of IMP. This session will explore several use cases for 4C Supply®, a powerful tool for modeling study demand and forecasting drug supply, and how it can help stakeholders make better, more informed decisions.

This vendor showcase will discuss how 4C Supply® puts data visibility and scenario planning in the hands of clinical supply professionals, allowing them to have greater control over the production and distribution processes. By providing sponsors with the data they need to make informed decisions, 4C Supply® can help organizations streamline their supply chains and reduce costs while ensuring sufficient supplies for patient treatment.

Attendees will leave the presentation with a deeper understanding of the benefits of 4C Supply® and how it can help them improve their drug supply forecasting processes. They will also gain valuable insights into how to use data effectively to plan production and make better decisions in the face of challenging scenarios.

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