Patient Testimonial; Alicia Dellario – Sponsored by Midwinter Solutions

23 April 2024

Alicia is a 9+-year survivor of ovarian cancer. She was diagnosed with late-stage, metastatic ovarian cancer in 2014 which was followed by 3 separate recurrences.   After years and years of standard-of-care chemo to address the disease, at the time of the 3rd recurrence / 4th battle, there was a clinical trial available for her unique tumor type. It was the first time she was treated with something targeted for ovarian cancer. After 4.5 years, the trial ended and Alicia has been in remission for 7 months as of December 2023!   She is incredibly grateful for the advances in science!!   Without them, she would not be here.

When she was originally diagnosed, her daughter was only 7 so she made a promise to herself to turn this into something positive. She has been heavily involved in raising awareness about this disease, funding for an early detection mechanism, and speaking of the value of clinical trials via an annual golf and barbecue tournament called Tee it Up for Teal, an annual “Alicia’s Army” walk and many events in partnership with the National Ovarian Cancer Coalition as well as the company for which she worked for 15 years (prior to retiring in 2021!).

Alicia never loses hope as science is making great advances. She is incredibly grateful and reminds herself to find the beauty in each day. It is there and it can change your outlook at even the most difficult times. Alicia lives in Pennsylvania with her husband, teenage daughter, dog (her cancer companion) and cat. Besides spending time with her family, which is her favorite past-time, she enjoys running, yoga, reading and times with dear friends.

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