Patient Testimonial: Cathy Molohan

11 October 2023

Cathy is co-founder and former CFO/CHRO of EnglishBusiness AG (management training, facilitation and translations) but gave up this role in 2020 to dedicate herself to Parkinson’s advocacy and consultancy. She is responsible for International Relations at Yuvedo, a foundation committed to accelerating the search for a cure for Parkinson’s and helping those affected to live better lives until a cure is found. Cathy has spoken at the World Parkinson Congress, Kyoto, 2019; is a member of the Roche Parkinson’s patient council and serves as a consultant on digital biomarkers and patient centricity for various companies.

Cathy was born in Ireland and has lived in Germany for 25 years. She is married with 2 children (Keira, 18 and Conor, 14).

Cathy was diagnosed with Parkinson’s in 2011, aged 38. She is an eternal optimist and believer in the power of communication!

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