Interactive Response Technology (IRT) Deep Dive

21 April 2024

Interactive Response Technology (IRT), IXRS, and RTSM all describe a system that is integral to managing both GMP and GCP activities in a clinical trial.  For supply managers this is the critical system for maintaining the supplies of all clinical materials.  Proper set-up of this system is critical to ensure smooth conduct of a clinical trial – absent of supply issues.  This Boot Camp will examine the details required to properly set up and manage an IRT.  Some of the topics that will be covered include: details to discuss when evaluating an IRT system, how to read specification documents, performing user acceptance testing and setting up parameters for supply strategies, do not ship & do not dispense dates.

This Boot Camp will not be a high-level overview of IRT basics but a detailed discussion of IRT parameters.  It will be assumed that attendees have a working understanding of IRT principles.

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