Interactive Response Technology (IRT) Boot Camp

28 April 2019
Available Seats:

This class is geared towards people that have some experience in the clinical trial supplies world.  Attendees will be provided with an overview of and a deeper dive into Interactive Response Technology (IRT).  This will include the development path for IRTs, the stages of build, from creating the User Requirement Specification to quoting, to coding, validation, user acceptance testing through to go live.  Included in the training will be the reasons to use an IRT, when not to use one, the requirements that include: randomization codes, medcode IDs, ensuring that modules are built in to cover country approvals from Regulatory Affairs,  shipping requests, what to do when using warehouses versus depots, building in returns and reconciliation modules early on so they’re ready when the trial is closing out, as well as timelines from concept development to switching it on.

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