Brexit & the future landscape for clinical trial supplies in the UK and Europe

GCSG Regulatory e-Team
Pharma Industry, Regulatory, Supply Chain
The UK’s long-standing regulatory alignment with the EU ended with Brexit. The relationship officially ended on 01st January 2021. Collectively, industries across the spectrum held their breath with none of the actors sure what was going to happen next. There was widespread concern that significant disruption would ensue. However, despite some early bumps in the road, the initial transition was relatively smooth.
As time moves on, some of the longer term impacts will begin to be felt. In this summary paper, the GCSG Regulatory e-Team examines the immediate changes that have impacted the clinical supply chain from QP certification to import and VAT considerations. We also look at what the future may hold and end on the question as to the UK’s future in the clinical supply chain as the EU readies itself for the clinical trial regulation.
We would love for you to share your feedback and experiences in the post-Brexit world! Please leave your questions and comments on the GCSG Regulatory forum.

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