Reply To: Post-Packaging ID Testing


Reply To: Post-Packaging ID Testing

I’ve seen it done multiple ways but most efficient for us was to do a risk assessment on each type of blinded materials we would produce. This risk assessment done with operations and QA allowed us to document in our procedures when testing needed to be done by our own company, could be delegated to another party or wasn’t needed.

The bulk unlabeled product is always tested/ released.

Wherever possible, we would test the primary package with code (numeric or color coding) to do it as early in the process as possible.

During labeling, the check is just to be sure the code on the product, is linked to the product we intend to label.

If we are doing a multi-product blister card in the same room/ production job; there will always be samples taken and chem testing to confirm each sample has the correct product in the appropriate cavity.