Sponsor’s & Exhibitor’s Guide for the GCSG 2020 US Conference

Some quick guidance for sponsors and exhibitors; please refer to the links below for full information:

  • Vendor Assignments: Sponsorships and Exhibitor Tabletops will be reserved on a first paid, first served basis.
  • All exhibit materials must fit completely on the tabletop provided (approximately 2.5′ X 6’).
  • No exhibit materials are allowed on the floor in the exhibit area.
  • Exhibitors will only be allowed to install tabletop displays (maximum height is 5′ from the top of the table).
  • Only one tabletop per company (including subsidiaries or sister companies) is permitted. A company is defined by the highest level of the organization regardless of brand differentiation within the overall organization.
  • Sponsor and Exhibitor personnel must wear their registration badges at all times.
  • Please Note:
    • VENDOR companies (sponsoring exhibitors and non-sponsoring exhibitors) are permitted to register up to two (2) Business Development/Sales delegates only (not counting Speaker or Committee members). Rules apply, please reference Sponsorship and Exhibitor Agreements for details.
    • Additional delegates that are operational based are permissible.
    • Companies who purchase sponsorships totaling ≥ $10,000 (including cost of the exhibit tabletop) may purchase 1 additional delegate pass for a non-sales, VP-level executive.

A few things to note regarding the Exhibitor Shipping Instructions to the Hyatt Regency Grand Cypress Hotel:
Details coming soon!

Coming Soon: Shipping Guidelines TO the hotel

Coming Soon: Shipping Instructions FROM the hotel

Below are links to information for exhibitors and sponsors:

Exhibitor Agreement

Sponsorship Agreement

Sponsorship Packages

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