April 29 to May 2, 2018 - Atlanta, GA

2018 US GCSG Conference

We had a lot of fun in Atlanta!  Joins us next time!


See the whole list of speakers!

Stephen Flaherty

Global Director, Demand Led Services

Jennifer Snyder

US Team Head, External Operations Manager

Nadia Laouar

Head, External Operations, Global Clinical Supply

Marc Lisi

Co-founder and Director, Business Development at Suvoda

Laurie Mcrae

Justin Schroeder

Senior Executive Director Global Marketing & Design, PCI Pharma Services

Michelle Smith

Mike Cohen


Dan Bell

Vice President, Regulatory Compliance and Technical Affairs, Marken

Jason Nolte

Comparator Key Account Manager

Gretchen Randlett

Tristan Evans

Global Clinical Quality Director

Erin Vlack

Yuki Hayashi

Manager, Clinical Supply Chain

Henryk Junker

James Oberhauser

Associate Director, Device Development and Clinical Packaging Engineering

Yvonne Stephens

Lee Sutton

May Singh

Marc Mancuso

Sandra Cook

Owner & President

Steve Yoder

Buz Hillman

Greg Hottell

Head of the Global Supply Chain Management

Kim Para

Lauralyn Carlson

Ed Groleau


Deidre Casale

Eric Valentine

Scott Ohanesian

Senior Vice President Commercial Operations

Patrick Furcolo

Director, Clinical Supply Strategy & Management

Terry Iacobucci

Nicohle Mcgeorge

Senior Lead Project Manager in Clinical Supply Operations Packaging and Labeling

Kevin Shea

Mike Macneir

Kim Finn

Tom Gottschalk

Paul O'connor

Global Vice President of Quality, Almac

Adrian Peskett

Head of Operational Strategy, Global Clinical Supply Chain, Pfizer

Andrew Billmore

Vice President, Commercial Operations

Mike Sweeney

Senior Director, Patient Centric Logistics

David Adams

Clinical Supplies Lead

Gerald Finken

Rudiger Weber

Natalie Balanovsky

Supply Chain Solutions Manager

Mark Rohlfing

Vice President Operations

Kazuaki Abe

Rob Pizzie

Managing Partner at Brizzey LLC

Lorna Briddick

Managing Partner at Brizzey

John Samuel

Global CSS Process Leader -Distribution; Catalent Pharma Solutions

Adam Tetz

Mark Woolf

Global Manager, Depot Network, Catalent

Wendy Wright

Tj Rizzo

Senior Vice President, International Operations

Andrea Ruosi

Massimo Crudeli

Global Presales Manager Solution Architect

Matt Albertson

Elizabeth Young

Steven Jacobs

Global BioPharm Solutions

Cyrille Lefevre

Head of consulting group US, N-SIDE

Dave Hinkel

Doug Meyer

Associate Director, Clinical Drug Supply

Jackie Amico

Lead Asset Planner, Clinical Drug Supply

Lee Hecht Harrison

Barbara Berman

SVP, Director of Professional Services

Eric Deschamps

Sr. Director of Commercial Operations Americas’

Nancy Borgeson

Director Quality Assurance Operations Support Group

Greg Brazier

Jodi Smith-gick

Senior Advisor- Global Clinical Supply

Stephanie Au

William Brocious

Kelly Treonze

Olive Mccormick

Head of Quality

Suzanne Schrandt

Director, Patient Engagement

Brian Keesee

General Manager, PCI North American Clinical Services

Richard Lambie

Rob Montague

Head of Global Supply Chain Logistics for GSK

Harry Berlanga

Quality Director & Qualified Person

Greg Kushla

Executive Director

Roopal Patel

Sr. Director of Global Trade Compliance

Rich Nelson

Distribution Services Manager

Mike Dallmann

Associate Director Clinical Packaging and Labeling


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