Soaring to New Standards!

2017 US Conference in Albuquerque, NM

Our annual US GCSG conference from April 23rd – 26th, 2017 has now past.

Join us for the European GCSG Knowledge Forum in Oct 2017!



See the whole list of speakers!


Victoria Labalme

Performing Artist and Performance Advisor

Steven Jacobs

Global BioPharm Solutions

Jan Pieter Kappelle

Senior Director Global Clinical Trial Supplies, UCB

Rachel Griffiths

Associate Director, Technical Services

Matthew Lakelin

Founder, TrakCel

Jodi Smith-gick

Senior Advisor- Global Clinical Supply

Stacy Reisner

Regulatory Program Manager

Tj Sharpe

Melanoma Survivor and Patient Advocate

Beth Gardner

Director, Clinical Supply Strategy

Sandra Cook

Owner & President

Greg Hottel

Director, Clinical Interface Team

Janelle Sabo

Product Delivery Lead

David Volk

Global Head, Clinical Supply Strategy & Portfolio Management

Michael Ku

Vice President, Global Clinical Supply

Alexander Debets

Head of Global Clinical Supply

Victoria Labalme

Performing Artist and Performance Advisor

Scott Jacoby

Director of Business Development

Gerald Finken

Kunal Jaiswal

Vice President, Global Strategic Development Solutions

Bernie Clark

Global Marketing Director

Fred Restaino

Vice President of Operations

Jennie Deem

Regulatory Scientist

Mark Hanly

Clinical Supplies Project Management

Julia Hagan

Clinical Trial Supply Chain Management

Barbara Campbell

Senior Clinical Supply Chain Manger

Lisa Georgen

Team Leader in Clinical Supply Optimization Services

Kris Harah

Adrian Peskett

Head of Operational Strategy, Global Clinical Supply Chain, Pfizer

Paul O'connor

Global Vice President of Quality, Almac

Sharon Mccarthy

Director in Clinical Supply Logistics

Nancy Borgeson

Director Quality Assurance Operations Support Group

Paula Teixeira

Quality Manager

Rob Pizzie

Managing Partner at Brizzey LLC

Lorna Briddick

Managing Partner at Brizzey

Roopal Patel

Sr. Director of Global Trade Compliance

Volker Niermann

Associate Director of Product Development Manager

Rich Nelson

Distribution Services Manager

Scott Ohanesian

Senior Vice President Commercial Operations

Shawn Murtough

EU Qualified Person

Nimer Yusef

IVRS consultancy and software development company Trial Brain Lead

Kevin O'donnell

Vice President, Cold Chain Standards, Practices & Compliance

Krisztina Poda

Olive Mccormick

Head of Quality

Melissa Gallardo

Associate Manager, Clinical Supplies

Michael Sparozic

Lead Trial Supply Operations Manager

Cyrille Lefevre

Head of consulting group US, N-SIDE

Nicola Barnes

Senior Director of Clinical Supply Packaging

Loretta Cipkus-dubray

President and CEO of Global Clinical Connections

Greg Kushla

Executive Director

Katy Ostertag

Senior Manager, Clinical Supply Chain

Janelle Livermore

Sr. Supply Chain Manager

Mike Cohen

Managing Director

Jason Nolte

Comparator Key Account Manager

Brian Fulling

Clinical Research Pharmacist

Kristen Fahmy

Associate Director in the Global Quality and Regulatory Compliance-GMP group

Steven Barry

Associate Director in the Research and Development Quality-Clinical Trials & Safety group

Mike Dallman

Associate Director Clinical Packaging and Labeling

Dan Bell

Vice President, Regulatory Compliance and Technical Affairs, Marken

Eric Jacobs

Vice President, Life Sciences Strategy

Steffani Szczuka

Laurie Mcmahon

Senior QA Project Manager


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