A VIRTUAL Success!

The GCSG 2020 Global Virtual Conference

COVID-19 kept us from meeting face-to-face, but it couldn’t keep us from coming together to network, learn and work together!  This year’s GLOBAL conference brought together the best of GCSG from around the world.  Thank you to all our registrants, exhibitors and sponsors for making this yet another successful GCSG event!

Thank You!

Even COVID-19 couldn’t keep us from coming together! Well, virtually at least…
We welcomed our guests to the 1st ever GCSG Global Virtual Conference, where 300+ innovators from the clinical supplies industry converged online for 5 days of virtual networking, vendor showcases, workshops, thought-provoking presentations and inspiring patient testimonials. GCSG consistently strives to provide the most educational, informative and enjoyable clinical supplies conference anywhere in the world, all underpinned by a spirit of inclusive peer-to-peer networking.  We feel like we succeeded this year and we hope you do too!
We thank all of our GCSG family – attendees, exhibitors & sponsors – who continue to support us during this challenging time and we look forward to providing many more opportunities to network and learn in the coming months!






Workshop Sessions


Keynote Presentations

Big thanks to our sponsors!
Certificates of Attendance

Thank you for attending the GCSG 2020 Global Virtual Conference!  If you’d like a Certificate of Attendance to add to your Training File, please click below to print one out.

Attendee List

Continue building your network with other clinical supply and related industry professionals.  You can print a copy of the registered attendees below. (Only available to GCSG Members!)

Conference Materials

The conference materials (slides, etc) are available via the GCSG app or on the Program & Resources page of the Virtual Conference webpage.  The conference recordings are coming soon and will be available in the Resource Library on the Communique/6Connex platform!  You’ll have access to the Resource Library until October 9th.

2021 US GCSG Conference

Virtual once again...

We know you won’t want to miss the GCSG 2021 US Virtual Conference!  We’re looking forward to ‘seeing’ you once again during the last week of April 2021 so save the date!


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