Gavin Pierson: Update

October 17, 2018

Gavin a seventh grade student from Minnesota continues to wage his battle with Joe Bully, his name for his brain tumor.  In August, the family learned that Gavin’s tumor had started to grow again and he was no longer in remission.  Today, Gavin’s visit/ MRI in St. Paul revealed that solid/cystic mass is unchanged. The cysts that slowly grew over 2 years seem to have stopped!  Up next is a functional MRI November 5 and we are planning surgery November 28 to ablate what is there and aspirate the cystic portion of the mass surgery . Thanks for all of your positive vibes/prayers/thoughts.

Want to help Gavin or the other heroes fighting childhood cancer?   You can make a donation to the Children’s Hospital of Minnesota – Heroes for Hope.  Once on the site choose ‘other’ as your designation and type in Heroes for Hope as the place for your donations to be designated to.

Check back for updates on Gavin and his battle.



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