A Prom to Remember

Are you anticipating it or reminiscing about it? Either way, you know that prom night is a milestone occasion for most teenagers – a reason to celebrate! Unfortunately, for kids with cancer, this is a special celebration they often never attend. A PROM TO REMEMBER is an event that gives teens ages 12-19 an opportunity to celebrate their life and their youth in an environment of acceptance and camaraderie. The prom is held annually at no cost to the kids or their families.

A Prom to Remember works hard to provide everything necessary to make this prom unlike any other. The kids are treated like movie stars as they arrive in limousines, walk the red carpet, and dance the night away. Everything, and we mean everything, is provided to create the most spectacular and memorable experience possible!

Please consider supporting their efforts as a volunteer or donor! Please visit www.apromtoremember.org for more information and to support their cause.



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