J P Kappelle

VP Clinical Services

Limburg, Belgium | Inceptua


Jan Pieter (JP) Kappelle, Owner of STAR CSM Consultancy and Strategy Consultant to 4G Clinical, is a Supply Chain Executive with 30 years of industry experience, of which 15 years were spent leading clinical trial supplies departments in global pharmaceutical and biotech companies. Trained as an Electronic and Quality Engineer, JP has a strong financial background and brings a methodical, analytical and process-oriented approach to his work. Coupled with his MBA and MSc in Supply Chain Management, JP has the unique ability to switch between strategic and operational discussions. An energetic team player and trusted business partner, JP focuses on driving strategy and delivering results. JP also serves as the Global Clinical Supplies Group (GCSG) Master of Ceremony where he connects clinical supply professionals for the purposes of education, knowledge sharing and the development of industry best practices.


Location Limburg, Belgium
Company Inceptua
Position VP Clinical Services
Email jp@starcsm.be

Industry Related Information

Membership Segmentation Independent Consultant
Areas of Expertise


Clinical Supplies Management


Cell & Gene Therapy

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