April 28 to May 1, 2019 - San Antonio, TX

GCSG 2019 US Conference

Global Clinical Supplies Group – 2019 US Annual Conference

Hyatt Regency Hill Country Resort & Spa


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David Mitchell

Paul Ingram

Caroline O'loughlin

Kristen Devito

Dee Ledwin

Kim Buchanan

Associate Director of MRL Global Development Quality

Eric Deschamps

Sr. Director of Commercial Operations Americas’

Sandra Cook

Owner & President

Erin Vlack

Rob Pizzie

Managing Partner at Brizzey LLC

Mike Cohen

Managing Director

Cathy Mcguiness

Kevin Shea

Clintrak Clinical Labeling LLC., a part of ThermoFisher Scientific

Kelsey Peloza

Jim Henson

Bob Misher

Jon Fairweather

Maureen Secord

Brett Rice

Angie West

Rich Nelson

Distribution Services Manager

Traci Straw

Greg Kushla

Executive Director

Olive Mccormick

Almac Clinical Services

Brenda Nguyen

Mike Franklin

Julie Hoffman

Mike Dallmann

Associate Director Clinical Packaging and Labeling

Henryk Junker

Steven Jacobs

Global BioPharm Solutions

Minette B. Pugh

Alessandro Curti

Sherri Willson

Director – Clinical Supply Strategy Management

Dave Northrup

Viviane Arantes

Cyrille Lefevre

Head of consulting group US, N-SIDE

Matt Pecora

Laurie Mcrae

Justin Schroeder

Senior Executive Director Global Marketing & Design, PCI Pharma Services

Paul Hegwood

Valery Ochollah

Wendy Xia

Mike Sweeney

Senior Director, Patient Centric Logistics

Nicole Gray

Director, Strategic Supply Solutions

Tony Street

Beth Gross

Ollie Cunningham

Tj Rizzo

Senior Vice President, International Operations

Andrea Guinto

Kermit Ferrer

Senior Manager of Clinical Supply Packaging

Nicola Barnes

Senior Director of Clinical Supply Packaging

Heather Bogle

Supply Chain Solutions Manager

Sarah Smyth

Supply Chain Solutions Manager

Teresa Parayil

Sharmila Bagavathinathan

Scott Ohanesian

Senior Vice President Commercial Operations

Nicholas Webb

Catherine Hall

Rebecca Esparaza

Laurent Dhervilly

Dan Silva

Paul O'connor

Global Vice President of Quality, Almac

David Mitchell

Harry Berlanga

Quality Director & Qualified Person

Melissa Poindexter

Natalie Balanovsky

Mark Rohlfing

Sharon Corr

Gretchen Randlett

Jan Pieter Kappelle

Vice President- Strategy 4G Clinical

Deborah Robertson

Associate Director Clinical Trial Material Management

Monica Purcell


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