Position Descriptions

Position Descriptions/Responsibilities

GCSG Organization Roles

Board Members
Education Officer
Financial Officer
Logistics Officer
Marketing Officer
Membership Officer
Website Officer

GCSG Conference Roles

CE Coordinator
Conference Chair
Conference Vice-Chair
Entertainment Coordinator
Presentation Coordinator
Vendor Coordinator


GCSG Organizational Chart


Financial Officer

  • Ensure appropriate controls and systems are in place for the management, monitoring and effective reporting of all aspects of the organization’s finances (balance sheet, cash and budget)
  • Collect budget projections from organizational officers and develop the overall organizational annual budget
  • Assist conference chair in developing a conference budget
  • Advise and bring to the attention of the Board any areas of fiscal concern
  • Coordinate and monitor financial performance against plan and advise the Board of major variances against year-end projections
  • Ensure that all payments to suppliers are made on time, appropriately authorized and in accordance with guidance and procedures.
  • Maintain all bank statements
  • Present financial report to the Board, Executive and Conference Committees quarterly
  • Ensure all tax paperwork is filed (Fiscal year runs October to September)
  • Contribute to operational and business planning activities

2014 US Financial Officer: Patrick Newingham
2014 EU Financial Officer: open

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Vendor Coordinator

  • Function as single point of contact for all vendors
  • Responsible for vendor area coordination, tabletop placement and mapping
  • Ensure vendor equipment, etc is in the vendor area prior to the vendor set-up time (Liaison officer is not responsible for tracking vendor shipments that don’t make it to the venue.)
  • Responsible for vendor payment collections if billing is not handled via the website
  • Mitigate any vendor issues, during the conference, in collaboration with the Conference Committee Chair or Board members
  • Manage hotel charges for vendor area electric outlets, wireless Internet, etc.
  • Develop and maintain a budget
  • Responsible for entertainment coordination in collaboration with the entertainment coordinator

2014 US Vendor Coordinator: George Willis
2014 EU Vendor Coordinator: Lisa Spence

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Logistics Officer

  • In coordination with the Board, choose location (city and specific hotel) of conference
  • Negotiate rates and contract terms for hotel and any sub-contractors
  • Coordinate transportation to and from the airport (as applicable)
  • Plan and run the vendor reception
  • Manage and oversee logistical activities such as binder assembly, name badges, attendee personal schedules, etc.
  • Develop and maintain a budget
  • Arrange for all audio/visual equipment required for the general sessions and workshops
  • Act as liaison/key contact with equipment provider throughout the conference
  • Additional positions to assist the Logistics Officer
    • Transportation Coordinator – responsible for organizing/overseeing transportation to and from venue and entertainment/Monday night event
    • Presentation Logistics Coordinator- responsible for all audio/visual requirements for the general session and workshops

2014 US Logistics Officer: Frank Lueddeke
2014 US Logistics Coordinator:  Chris Nosek

 2014 EU Logistics Officer: Bernd Schaden

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  • Attend Board of Directors, Executive Committee, Conference Committee meetings
  • Capture & distribute meeting minutes
  • Maintain and update By-laws
  • Negotiate contracts and track invoices for long-term document storage
  • Collect, inventory and store in a database all of the documentation submitted to long-term storage
  • Other duties as assigned by the Board

2013 US Secretary: Deidre Casale
2014 EU Secretary: open

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Public Affairs Coordinator

  • Develop and maintain budget for media blitz in conjunction w/ Marketing Officer.
  • Create written/e-mail announcements promoting organizational membership and Annual Conference attendance
  • Coordinate the preparation of press releases
  • Work with Conference Committee Chair to identify a Conference (or other special event) photographer
  • Coordinate with Director of Marketing to provide optimum media exposure
  • Investigate and evaluate media options for advertising and place ads for meeting
  • Assess media options and provide press releases in support of increased organizational membership & interest in Annual Conference
  • Prepare post-conference press release highlighting key meeting outcomes

2013 US Public Affairs Coordinator: Greg Coulter
2014 EU Public Affairs Coordinator: open

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Membership Officer

  • Develop a 1, 3 and 5 year membership growth plan
  • Execute the growth plan through
    • Membership drives
    • Coordinating with and appropriating other groups’ membership lists
    • Innovative methods that canvass potential members in the clinical supplies industry
  • Consistently enforce the policy on sharing the organization’s membership list with other clinical supplies groups
  • Maintain and update membership database
  •  Collaborate with the Director of Marketing to ensure that the organization’s value proposition always resonates with potential members to achieve membership goals
  • Assist with managing registration activities during conferences
  • Develop and maintain a budget for membership related activities

2014 US Membership Officer: Chris Matheus
2014 EU Membership Officer: open

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Website Officer

  • Responsible for updating and maintaining the website
  • Works with a third party to build latest capabilities and technology into the website
  • Links website to hotel website and to registration website

2014 Website Officer: Roberto Rivera

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Education Officer

  • Explore education programs that follow the mission and vision of the group
  • Coordinate information required to obtain ACPE CE credits for conference attendees
  •  Create & distribute a training certificate to conference attendees
  • Develop and maintain an educational program budget
  • Develop a survey to collect, analyze, and evaluate the conference venue, speakers, content and logistics to assist in improving the conference each year
  • Additional position to assist the Education Officer
  • Data Collection Coordinator- responsible for survey development, collection, analysis, and submissions of CEUs to the Universities.

 2014 US Education Officer: Ida Vogelzang

2014 EU Education Officer: open

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Board Members

  • Act in an advisory capacity to support the organization, the executive committee and the conference committee

2014 Board Members: Steve Jacobs (chair), Christine Fattore, Joe Iacobucci, Joe Pastorello, Mike Dallmann

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Marketing Officer

  • Craft communications to advertise educational offerings/regional meetings (via print media, electronic media and partnerships) to support the growth of the organization.
  • Partner with the Membership Officer to maximize membership and attendance at organizational meetings.
  • Collaborate with the Membership Officer to ensure that the organization’s value proposition always resonates with potential members to achieve membership goals
  • Develop and maintain budget for marketing related activities in conjunction w/ Public Affairs Officer.
  • Collaborate & coordinate with the webmaster surrounding membership notification and solicitation.
  • Continue to seek new media avenues to support the organization and its mission.
  • Collaborate with Vendor Liaison to support of fund raising activities through targeted communications (sponsorships, etc.)
  • Coordinate with GCSG EU Marketing Officer to share best practices with regard to growing the organization
  • Maintain a relationship with a designated advertising agency to brand the organization and maximize its visibility throughout the supply chain community

2014 US Marketing Officer: Eric Deschamps

2014 EU Marketing Officer: Richie Shannon

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Conference Chair

  • Makes all key decisions to ensures the conference is successful
  • Should be a prior member of either the executive or conference committee
  • Interface with conference committee and executive committee members to ensure a successful conference (works with Vice Chair to identify issues and gaps that need to be resolved in order to meet conference timelines & outcomes)
  • Lead conference planning teleconferences
  • Schedule and lead pre-conference coordination meeting and post conference lessons learned meeting
  • Schedule and lead next year’s conference planning meeting (in May or June of the previous year)
  • Reports, on a bi-monthly basis, conference finances in collaboration with Finance Officer and ensures that conference remains within budgetary constraints
  • Communicate with and mentor other regional conference chairs to ensure global conference successes
  • Involves Vice-Chair in all discussions and planning
  • Have regularly scheduled meetings with Vice chair and if necessary ad hoc meetings the conference committee
  • Act as the primary point of contact during the annual conference to ensure its success

2014 US Conference Chair: Greg Kushla

2014 EU Conference Chair: Jeroen Gerritsen

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Conference Vice-Chair

  • Advices and supports the chair’s decisions regarding the success of the conference
  • Should be a prior member of either the executive or conference committee
  • Is at all times ready to take over as the Conference Chair
  • Plans and coordinates next year’s conference planning meeting
  • Reviews and updates the conference timeline and assignments to ensure conference tasks are competed in a timely manner

2014 US Conference Vice Chair: Patty Overley

2014 EU Conference Vice Chair: open

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Entertainment Coordinator

  • Identify entertainment options located close to conference venue
  • Provide best two options to Conference Chair and Board to narrow choice and obtain approval
  • Negotiate rates and contract terms for entertainment and transportation
  • Coordinate transportation to and from the entertainment event

2014 US Conference Entertainment Coordinator: George Willis
2014 EU Conference Entertainment Coordinator: Charles Dickburt

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Presentation Coordinator

  • Create slide templates that connect with conference themes
  • Ensure presenters / facilitators follow the conference template/format
  • Ensure that group speakers and facilitators coordinate with each other and establish a lead for each presentation/workshop
  • Serve as key contact for all speakers and facilitators
  • Ensure presentations and slide decks follow conference guidelines
  • Collect post-test questions from each speaker that qualifies for CE credits for their presentation/workshop

2013 US Presentation Coordinator: Michele Pierce

 2014 EU Presentation Coordinator: Angus Cameron

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CE Coordinator

  • Coordinate information required by the current CE University provider (before & after the conference) to obtain ACPE CE credits for conference attendees
  • Investigate alternate programs for obtaining ACPE CE credits for conference attendees on a regular basis
  • Create learning objectives for all presentations and workshops to apply for CE credits
  • Create a survey as required by CE University incorporating the learning objectives of each meeting (Conference)

2014 US CE Coordinator: Patrick Bolger

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