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A forum for open discussion to share knowledge and industry best practices for clinical supply and related professionals

GCSG, formerly MCSG, held its first conference in 1988 with 20 attendees representing 10 companies. In 2009, 55 companies were represented by 160+ participants. The MCSG conference has turned out to be one of the best forums to share, exchange and learn new information about clinical supplies, while benchmarking how the rest of the industry manages their clinical supply chain challenges.

Who should join GCSG?

Clinical Professionals with responsibilities in the following areas:

Clinical Operations

Clinical/Investigational Supplies

Clinical Quality Assurance / Quality Control

Clinical Logistics

Clinical Trials Materials

Regulatory Affairs

Trade Compliance

Project Management

Clinical Trials Material Management

Cold Chain Logistics

New Product Development

Clinical Supplies Operations

Clinical Packaging / Labeling

Shipping and Distribution

Sourcing and Procurement

Clinical Supplies Manufacturing



Interactive Response Technology (IRT)

Comparator sourcing

Biosimilar Development

Clinical Development

Why become a GCSG member?

Below are just some of the benefits of becoming a GCSG member:

  • Get answers to your current clinical supplies challenges
  • Discover the latest trends in the clinical supplies industry
  • Identify pitfalls and issues that could delay clinical supplies timelines
  • Network with other clinical supplies and related area professionals
  • Share your knowledge and experience with your colleagues


Registration to the 2015 GCSG Conference will provide you with GCSG membership throughout 2015.

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