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Session Title Short Title Session Description
30 years of Clinical Supplies – Focus on the Future 30 years of CTM A look at the past 30 years of CTM and where we are heading over the next 30 years.
ISPE update ISPE Update Come find out the latest updates from ISPE initiatives
Patient Testimonial:  Perspective from an Oncology Patient Patient Testimonial Hear from an Oncology Patient about their treatment and experience with the trials.
ELabeling – Where Are We Now? Elabeling Update Get the latest information on various types of eLabels and their potential uses.
An Overview of Personalized Medicine Personalized Medicine Learn about personalized medicine and how it will impact the clinical supply chain.
Understanding Cultural Differences and Avoiding Communication Disasters Cultural Differences Delays and failures in global projects are numerous due to our inability to navigate the cultural differences between team members located across the globe. Knowledge of cultural norms in the countries where your clinical trial activities are occurring can go a long way in preventing issues from happening.  This presentation will discuss aspects on how to recognize when cultural differences may be a factor, where to find cultural differences of people from all over the world, and how to differentiate between stereotyping and generalizing on cultural criteria.
FDA presenter – Expectations for audits / inspections for clinical supply chain FDA Presentation TBD

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