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2016 US Exhibitor Agreement

Thank you for registering to exhibit at the 2016 Global Clinical Supplies Group (GCSG) Conference. The objective of the GCSG conference is to provide a forum for the open exchange of ideas, regulatory changes, technological advances, and information of a non-confidential nature related to clinical supply activities. We strive to promote closer professional relationships among personnel engaged in clinical supply activities as well as encourage closer relationships between the clinical supply group and other segments of the Pharmaceutical/Biotechnology Industry. In keeping with this purpose, exhibitors are encouraged to be educational, communicative, and informative in their exhibit displays and contact with attendees.

Exhibitor Guidelines

By submitting a request for exhibit space, exhibitors agree to and will abide by the following guidelines.

Violation of any of these guidelines may result in dismissal of the exhibitor from the meeting, closure of the exhibitor’s display and/or possible forfeiture of exhibitor’s ability to attend future GCSG events.

  1. Code of Conduct:
    1. All exhibitor activities must be confined to the general area of the exhibit space.
    2. Excessive noise will not be permitted.
    3. Harassment of attendees or other exhibitors will not be permitted.
    4. Distribution of food or beverages that compete with hotel service offerings is prohibited.
    5. Any vendor-sponsored hospitality event must not interfere or overlap with GCSG activities (i.e. Meet & Greet, Monday Night event, Vendor Reception or the general session)
  2. Space Assignment: Exhibitor space will be reserved on a first paid, first served basis.
  3. Fees: The cost of the tabletop exhibit space is $5,000 and includes the following:
    1. Skirted table ( 2 chairs, 110v electricity)
    2. Two full access conference passes

Note: one additional sales or marketing attendee welcome at individual rate on first-come, first-served basis during BD/Sales registration period.

  1. Wait List:
    1. In the event that Exhibitor space is sold out, a waitlist will be created.
    2. Exhibitors will be notified if space becomes available.
  2. Cancellation Policy: Please see the cancellation policy on the website under Exhibitor fees.
  3. Exhibit Installation/Dismantling:
    1. Exhibitors agree to abide by the published installation and dismantle times.
    2. Please note times below:
      Exhibitor Setup: Sunday, 3:00-5:00 PM
      Exhibitor Tear Down: Wednesday, after 8:30 AM
  4. Exhibitor Table-Top Space:
    1. All exhibit materials must fit completely on the table-top provided (approximately 2′ X 6’ in size).
    2. Exhibitors will only be allowed to install table-top displays. Floor displays are not allowed to be placed on top of the table-top.
    3. Exhibitors erecting displays other than table-top size will be asked to dismantle unauthorized displays.
  5. Only one display per company per table is permitted.
    1. Companies with subsidiaries or sister companies cannot display the subsidiary/sister display and the main company display on the same table.
    2. Only the display of the paying company will be permitted.
    3. Exhibitors must check with the GCSG Vendor Liaison before erecting any special displays.
    4. Exhibitors are not allowed to move their allotted tabletop or table under any circumstances unless approved by the GCSG Vendor Liaison.
  6. Occupancy of Space:
    1. Space not claimed by an exhibitor prior to the close of the published installation period will be considered forfeit.
    2. GCSG reserves the right to reassign any space not claimed by the close of the published installation period.
  7. Location/Layout: At all times, GCSG reserves the right to alter the location and/or layout of the exhibits in the best interests of the exhibition.
  8. Exhibitor Badges:
    1. Exhibitor personnel must wear their registration badges at all times.
    2. Non-registered exhibit personal will not be permitted in the exhibit area without permission of the GCSG Vendor Liaison.

Please direct any issue or concerns to the GCSG Vendor Liaison:

GCSG Vendor Liaison: Janice Zangara
Phone: (609) 468-8858

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